Best Dogs For Children And Family

What are the Best Dogs For Children? This is a common question, but there is no single answer. In theory, any dog can coexist alongside children.

One would expect that any breed of dog would be suitable for children, but you never know how each individual dog will turn out. There are many factors that affect a dog’s ability to get along with children.

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Top tips for getting a family-friendly dog

Top tips for getting a family-friendly dog


Obedience training is essential for any dog ​​you bring into your home. You should train enough for your new dog, especially if it is a puppy.

If a child wishes to take part in dog training, an adult must supervise him. In addition, children in the family need to learn how to behave with dogs.

Age and size

You must consider the ages and activity level of your children, because young children are prone to bumping into the puppy and older children can crush a small dog if you are not always careful.

If you are thinking about having an adult dog around children, keep in mind that the puppy needs a lot of attention and care, besides constant monitoring.


A family with children needs an intelligent dog with a good level of energy. Some breeds may do naturally well with children.

Some dog breeds that are successful with children

Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever: These breeds are usually great with children and are very intelligent, but they can be overactive if they are not trained enough

The Poodle Dog: Believe it or not, the Poodle is extremely intelligent and has a great temper. Plus, you can choose the right size for your family – but it needs constant care of the fur.

Pichon Freeze Dog: This small cotton ball likes to play, but is not overly playing. It is also a small dog which is perfect for your little one. Hair care is essential.

Beagle dog: These dogs are friendly, intelligent and not very large, which makes them very suitable for children.
Although some of them can be a little jittery, they usually respond well to training.

Karen Terror Dog: These active little dogs have a natural affinity for children. She can keep up with the kids and tolerate with anything.

Collie and Shetland Sheepdog: both are calm and forgiving breeds, which often do well with children
Of all ages and sizes.

German Shepherd Dog: This breed is very loyal, and one of the best protection and guard dogs, but it must be well trained. He has a fun side, especially with younger ages.

Mixed Breed Dogs: Hybrid dogs are usually well-balanced and intelligent. They are amazing dogs.

Find a family dog

Find a family dog

When the time comes to find a dog, ask experienced dog breeders as they are familiar with the characteristics and qualities of dogs and their tastes.

You can ask experienced dog breeders to guide you towards dogs that suit your children’s lifestyle. If you want a purebred dog, turn to reputable dog breeders.

If you want to get a purebred dog from a breeder, carefully research reputable breeders. And talk to other dog lovers in your area. Your veterinarian will also be able to advise you.

Once you have chosen the right breeder, you will have spent a lot of time searching for a suitable purebred dog for you and your family.

An experienced and responsible breeder will know puppies and parents well and freely share information about them.

Finally comes the turn of the house. Owning a dog is a great way to enrich your child’s development and create fond memories to cherish and preserve for years to come.

Also, the relationship between dogs and children can be magical. Remember, though, that your work is not done yet.

This is because training the dog and your children together is a long-term project, where dog ownership is always associated with responsibility. Good luck and have fun!

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