How to Bathe a Pregnant Dog?

Bathe a Pregnant Dog: Did your dog roll in the mud again? If she is pregnant, you might be anxious about cleaning her without her. do not worry! If your dog is already bathing, she will be calm in the shower when she is pregnant, too.

Get ready for your shower

Get ready for your shower

Calm her down:

When dealing with a pregnant dog, it is important to reassure her.

Her extra weight will only make it harder if she tries to resist. Gently pat her and talk to her in a soft voice. Do anything to calm her down.

  • If you feel she may be running away, get help from someone else. More hands means more patience!
  • If the bitch is frightened, do not force her. Comb her hair instead, and try to get rid of the dirt as much as you can. This will make it easier for both of you.
  • Allow the wet slime to dry before attempting to comb.

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Stick to your regular routine:

Even if you feel anxious about her pregnancy, don’t let her feel it. Act like a regular bathroom, and don’t change the routine at all.

  • For example, if you used to take her to shower, do so in the usual place. Do not decide to spray it outside with a hose because you are afraid of carrying it.

Gather your tools together:

Keep rewards in your hand and reward her to soothe her or push her into the shower. You will also need a bath shampoo and several towels to dry them before letting them go around the house.

You can place a towel on the edge of the sink to prevent water from splashing onto the floor under your feet.

  • Use a gentle oatmeal shampoo for dogs that does not irritate their skin.
  • You’ll also get wet, so wear clothes that you don’t care that they are dirty.

Place a non-slip surface in the bathtub:

You know bathtubs cause slipping due to soapy water. The non-slip surface will help your dog balance during bathing. You can find it in any store or on the Internet.

Bathe your pregnant dog

Bathe your pregnant dog

Put your dog in the tub:

Be gentle! Depending on its size, you may need someone’s help to lift it. Do not hold it from the lower abdomen, as this will be uncomfortable and possibly painful.

Instead, place your arm under her back foot (behind the belly), and your other arm under her neck. Hold it by the chest and rump.

  • If it is small in size, maybe you can use the kitchen sink.

Start with water:

Mix hot and cold water together to get an even temperature. If you have a hose nozzle for bathing, spray water over their fur to get completely wet. If you don’t have a hose nozzle, pour cups of water over it instead.

  • Pat her and talk to her the whole time to calm her down.

Fill the tub first if running water is frightening your dog:

The loud sound of falling water can be frightening! For some dogs, it may be less stressful if you start out with an already full bath. Once the tub is filled, you can gently put it in. Use a cup to pour water over it instead of the nozzle of the running water hose.

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Create a lather with dog shampoo:

Start from front to back. Start behind her head, then move to her neck and body. Lather her legs and tail at the end. Gently touch her stomach, so she is sure that it is only clean. Do not rub her stomach vigorously.

  • Do not put soap on her face, as it might get into her mouth, eyes, or nose. Instead, use a towel to clean her face with water.
  • Avoid getting shampoo in her ears, too.

Rinse shampoo from their fur:

If the sound of the water doesn’t scare her, use the hose nozzle to rinse out the shampoo. If the sound scares her, use a bottle to pour water over her.

  • Rinse completely until the soap is removed.

Get it out of the tub:

Use the same method as you used to place it in the tub: hold it by the rump and chest. And again, be careful not to put any pressure on her stomach. Make sure her feet are on the ground before letting go, so she doesn’t fall.

Dry your dog:

If your dog is afraid of loud noises, you should speed up the drying process with a hair dryer. Most dogs prefer towel drying. Dogs have thicker hair than humans, so you may need more than one towel.

  • You don’t have to dry it completely. Do this only to ensure that it does not spill water around the house.
  • Let her hair dry in the open air during the day.

Important advice

  • Work calmly and efficiently. There’s no need for speed!
  • Use a gentle oatmeal shampoo on your dog’s skin and coat.
  • Give her a reward after you shower.
  • Consider calling a professional if you cannot bathe a pregnant dog yourself.


Don’t bathe your dog at her due date, or even within two days of her due date. If there is any possibility of conceiving in the shower, you can postpone cleaning for later.

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