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When we talk about large dog breeds that have muscle strength and innate ferocity, we cannot ignore the advantages and disadvantages of Rottweiler dogs as one type of dogs that originated in the foundation for the tasks of guarding and hard work.

Rottweiler Dogs

The Rottweiler dog breed has special heroic qualities.

This strain originated in Germany as one dog that used for herding and attracting carts loaded with agricultural tools and others for farmers and butchers.

So you notice that pure Rottweiler dogs have a broad, muscular chest, strong shoulders and a firm body on the ground, and when they move, you will notice the strength and agility that they enjoy.

But despite his great strength, he possesses a calm and confident face and brown eyes that reflect serenity, calm and confidence, and vigilance, lack of fear of strangers, and the constant ability to take the initiative if needed.

Rottweiler dog, when he meets any new person, he adopts a waiting and exploration style.

Therefore, he performs some actions that test the stranger in front of him, and builds on them his reactions, and this is because of the intelligence and acumen of the dogs of this class.

We can use Rottweiler dogs in many fields, whether as a personal guard dog or a heavy-duty dog.

Also, a Rottweiler dog can be taken as one of the family dogs at home because it has the qualities that qualify for that easily.

The Rott dog instinctively and instinctively defends its family.

Therefore, he is ferocious when his family or people close to it exposes him to any danger and he will do anything to protect them.

It is necessary and necessary to train the little Root Wire puppy to obey and give him adequate doses of mixing with humans and dealing with them so he does not become aggressive when he grows up.

We must always give the Rottweiler dog tasks it performs periodically to exploit its great energy and various skills.

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Specifications of Rottweiler dogs

Specifications of Rottweiler dogs

Physical characteristics:

  • It is a dog with an enormous size, its body is muscular and strong, most of the male is larger than the female, and this.
  • The head is of medium length and wide between the ears.
  • The front of the head curved, and the curvature stops at the powerful jaws.
  • He has a smooth forehead but may have wrinkles when your dog is alert or stressed.
  • His eyes are deep, they are slightly inside the head and are dark brown, and they are in the shape of almonds.
  • Besides this, it has wide nostrils and a medium-length mouth if you compare it to the skull, so if you noticed that your dog has a relatively long or short mouth, this shows that the dog is not of pure origin.
  • As for his ears on the side of the head, it round them in a triangular shape, and when your dog is alert, he raises them to a level above the head, and this suggests a larger ear size.
  • He has 42 teeth in the upper jaw 20 and the lower jaw 22, and they are powerful.
  • Its height, males up to 69 cm, females up to 46 cm, and weight up to 52 kg, for males and females up to 48 kg.

Personal specifications:

  • This dog has a high fame in the United States of America, especially by the people.
  • It characterized by that its character is very strong and has a strong hostile nature, so it is a good guard dog, and if you want to make it in your home, get to know everyone at a young age, so he must mix with people and with children from a young age so he is not hostile towards them, and you can even control him.
  • Despite this, they are obedient dogs and are always keen to work, as they are energetic by nature and interact with those around them or their surroundings with great vigilance.
  • It is a calm dog, self-confident, very brave, and this made him not able to form relationships with strangers especially easily because of his high self-confidence.
  • He deals with his environment silently and calmly, as he is not very barking and has a strange way. When there is any change in the surrounding environment, he goes to explore it in complete calm and waits for a while to see the changes and then takes the measures firmly.

Types of Rottweiler dogs

American Rottweiler:

This strain distinguish by its small head compared to the German breed, as it has a larger body than the German and more muscle, but there is no difference in color, as it is like the German Rottweiler.

Russian Rottweiler:

Its head size is average between the size of a German and American Rottweiler.

He has long furs that protect him from the cold of winter and snow, and this is by nature the weather in Russia, as it is cold.

Has an adequate body size and is muscular.

German Rottweiler:

Short and has a huge and muscular body, and it characterize by a large head size compared to other types.

Its color tends to be light brown or dark red, and its fur is short and is the shortest of all types.

Rottweiler health problems

Like most other breeds of dogs, it is naturally susceptible to some genetic diseases, including:

  • Hip dysplasia is one of the most common problems you will encounter.
  • They are also vulnerable to cancer, as it is one of the most common causes of death for this strain.
  • It is also susceptible to Parvovirus, which is a highly contagious disease that fatal to puppies and dogs, even young dogs, and this disease can
  • prevented by following the required vaccinations and its vaccine.
  • Obesity is very dangerous in this strain and causes many other diseases, including arthritis, breathing difficulties, diabetes, heart failure, or reproductive problems, various skin diseases, or a decrease in disease resistance and a high temperature in the body.

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Rottweiler training method

They have used Rottweiler dogs in many works to serve people, like: guarding, hunting, raising livestock, and helping people with special needs.

To breed this type of dog, appropriate training must be provided to it, and in what follows will be talked about the method of training these dogs:

Understanding Rottweilers and their training requirements:

Get a basic knowledge of the breed of this type of dog:

  • Understand the temperament of a Rottweiler before trying to train it, so although they are loyal and loving dogs, they can be aggressive.
  • Establish a training plan that can continuously follow, which helps in identifying the dog’s personality.
  • If there is not enough time available to train the dog, a professional trainer is a must.

Start training your dog:

  • It is best to start training your dog at a young age.
  • The dogs socialize by exposing him to other dogs and people, to help him become less aggressive.
  • Train him through short training courses.
  • Be patient during the dog’s training process.
  • Avoid physical discipline and screaming while training your dog.

How to train at home:

  • Start training your dog in simple commands, to ensure an obedient and well-behaved dog.
  • Teaching the dog to sit down. Teaching the dog to prevent it from wrong behaviors by using the word no.
  • Try to teach the dog to stop, which is one of the most hard commands and requires a lot of patience.
  • Teaching the dog to come after teaching him to stop. Teach your dog not to bark, bite, or jump on people.

Is a Rottweiler suitable for breeding at home with children?

Is a Rottweiler suitable for breeding at home with children?

The answer is yes, a Rottweiler dog can raise in a home with children as this breed of dogs characterized by its ability to adapt to children and deal with them very well, but as we explained, the dog of this breed needs continuous training and adequate entertainment times.

You should, however, always be careful not to leave young children at home with the dog alone, because the dog may try to impose control over them, but not intending to harm them, as he thinks he will protect them.

You may notice that the Rottweiler dog runs behind children and attracts them, and this is one of his basic tasks that he inherited from his ancestors, which is grazing and maintaining the herd to follow a fixed, specific path, so he believes that children always need protection and guidance and behave instinctively.

But with continuous training and keeping the dog away from children of playing or eating and observing the dog’s behavior, you find that it is very easy for the dog to adapt to the life of the house and the tasks required of it.

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