Presa Canario – One of The Strongest Dogs Breed

The Presa Canario is a powerful dog that initially bred to care for livestock. The origin of this strain goes back to Spain and often abbreviated to “Presa Canario.”

If Presa Canario dogs well trained, they are loyal and obedient – despite this they are very wary guard dogs of strangers and may behave aggressively towards people or animals they do not know.

One characteristic of the Presa Canario dog is that it is a healthy and alert dog with a calm temperament with a large elongated body.

The Presa Canario dogs are a strong-willed breed, characterized by a broad head full of muscles with chest muscles, as two cropped ears show it.

This majestic shape increases its frightening appearance and condition.

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Overview of the Presa Canario dog breed

Overview of the Presa Canario dog breed

  • Group: Working dogs group
  • Height: 55-65 cm
  • Weight: male from 43 to 50 kg – female from 36 to 42 kg
  • Fur: short and coarse
  • Colors: brown/black, taupe, beige, sometimes with white markings
  • Life expectancy: 9 to 11 years

Characteristics of Presa Canario dog:

  • Affection level: Medium
  • Child Friendship: Average
  • Pet love: average
  • Need for exercise: High
  • Fun: average
  • Energy level: High
  • Ability to train: high
  • Intelligence level: High
  • A tendency to bark: medium
  • The amount of hair loss: low

History of Presa dogs

Presa Canario dogs are used to herding cattle because of their frightening shape, and excessive awareness makes Presa Canario an ideal guard dog.

We may also know it as the “canary’s neighbor dog,” and it is said that the breed dates back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries after the conquest of the Canary Islands.

Large dogs in size played essential roles in guarding farms, cows, and even eliminating wild or stray dogs.

Several other Latin breeds have also contributed to the formation of the Presa Canario, notably the Presa Espanyol, and the Bardin dog and the Ma Griero, a pre-Hispanic sheepdog that originated on the island of Fuerteventura.

Over time, the dogs of this island developed into different breeds. This breed became known for its intelligence, courage, large size, and ability to show instincts of guarding and natural protection with no excessive barking. Strangely, these dogs were often bred to combat wild and stray dogs.

In the forties of the twentieth century, they forbid dog fighting in all parts of the islands, and unfortunately, this type of battle continues.

It is difficult to eliminate because irresponsible people do not have a conscience who uses dogs to get money. During this period, a few Persa Canario dogs.

And because of introducing alternative fighting breeds such as the Great Dane, Doberman Pinscher, and German Shepherd. And it almost caused the extinction of Presa Canario.

The need for them is no longer significant for farmers and herders in using them for guarding, and he is no longer their dominant dog.

Caring for a Presa dog

Presa Canario needs to shower to keep the short scalp clean, but it requires constant cleaning, and you must also use a hairbrush to keep the short scalp.

It’s healthy, fast-growing nails need to trim frequently with nail scissors. You should check a dog’s short ears regularly and brush their teeth regularly.

This breed characterized by high energy and needs to do daily exercise, such as playing in the open air or taking too many walks every day.

They can also learn indoor games like hiding and seek or learn new tricks.

And because of Presa Canario dogs’ keenness to satisfy their owner and his ability to train is very high, his performance develops when he has a specific job to do.

Presa Canario’s dog’s athletic physique enables it to take part in activities characterized by strength, such as swimming, walking, and recovering balls or flying disks.

This breed is very suitable for experienced breeders, especially if they like to go out a lot with their dogs and take walks with them in various places and provide an excellent outdoor activity opportunity.

All of this can add to Presa Canario dogs the appropriate social characteristic.

Because of its history as a guard dog, this breed is healthy. It characterized by strength – and very suspicious of strangers – and thus may require a great deal of time for socialization and training.

It is best to have this training early in the dog’s life to deal safely with others, especially at home with children or other pets.

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Health problems of Presa Canario dog

Health problems of Presa Canario dog

Most Presa Canario dogs are dogs that not exposed to such diseases and characterized by good health because of their enormous size.

Still, Presa Canario may be susceptible to hip deformities or hip dislocation. This breed may also face heart and eye problems, epilepsy, and diseases related to the immune system’s weakness.

Leishmaniasis, a disease caused by the Leishmania parasite transmitted from the bite of an infected Filippo fly two days ago. Also known to affect dogs that come from regions of Spain, including Presa Canario.

Diet and nutrition for the Presa dog

Whether you prepare the food at home or you bought it, most Presa Canario dogs will perform well with any high-quality dog food.

Because this breed is one of the most active and mobile breeds, it requires more water than normal dogs.  And we also recommend using foods that contain an extensive amount of protein.

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