The Top 9 Breeds of Small Dogs

Small Dogs: Because there is not enough space for many dog lovers. They resort to raising small domestic pet dogs suitable for breeding at home, and they can live with them and their demands.

But because of the large number of types of small pet dogs, much may need to know their types and advantages.

Decorative dogs are small and low in demand.

In the same time, they give a wonderful atmosphere of familiarity to their breeders at home and provide them with wonderful times with them.

Types of small domestic dogs do not need the same effort and the amount of activity that large dogs need.

Whether during walking times or permanent outdoors and other requirements for large dogs.

Also, small pet dogs are the best types of dogs for children, as they are small and friendly to children if you trained and cared for well.

So if you do not have space to breed a large dog, we provide you with a list of the most 9 popular types of small dogs suitable for breeding at home.

Bolognese Dog Breed

Bolognese Dog Breed

Information about this breed

It’s one type of tiny dogs.

Small, plump, calm and somewhat inactive dog.

He bonds with his owner a lot, is shy and unfriendly to strangers, but he quickly absorbs them if they socialize with him.

It doesn’t want to be alone for long, and it will not be appropriate for homes whose owners work all day.

The Bolognese was very popular in the Roman era among the royal family and the nobility, and they presented it as valuable gifts among the wealthy.

Bolognese dog classification

As for size classifications, the Bolognese belongs to a group of tiny dogs.

As for job classifications, the Bolognese belongs to the Foundation Stock Service dogs group.

The behaviors and character of Bolognese dogs

The Bolognese dog has a distinct character compared to other small dog breeds, as it is a very serious dog, does not have the same high activity, adventurous and obedient, and increases his enjoyment with his owners.

Reticent and a little shy, more than his sons of the Bichon Frise dynasty.

He enjoys the company of man and works to form a very close relationship with his owner.

He is a cheerful dog who loves to play and gets along well with other animals.

The Bolognese is an intelligent and responsive dog to obedience training.

As for the outside of the house, he is rough in handling, and moody, inside the house he is calm and happy.

The Polynesian dog is friendly with strangers.

The Polynesians, like other small breeds, are highly vulnerable to behavioral problems that occur because of the belief of small dogs that they lead the relationship with their owner.

Such as separation anxiety problems and excessive shyness, frequent barking to draw attention when their owner is busy with them.

So we must take the upbringing of Polynesian dogs into account. Socialized from childhood, and accustomed to strangers and different voices.

The Bolognese dog doesn’t like to stay alone, its constant goal is to stay next to you.

Leaving it alone will produce a lot of behavioral crises such as separation anxiety, excessive barking, chewing and cutting things and clothes.

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Pekingese Dog Breed

Pekingese Dog Breed

Originally bred to live their lives among the ancient Chinese kings in palaces.

The Pekingese is an independent and attentive toy dog, which makes them a charming companion.

This breed is stronger and more bold than its compact appearance might suggest.

Take care of Pekingese Dog

The small, compact-bodied Pekingese dog and its undercoat requires a great deal of maintenance and attention.

The longest at the neck and shoulders, the thick double coat of the Pekingese dog requires at least a weekly brushing to help remove dead hair and prevent tangles.

Also, bathing the dog at intervals.

Keeping a Pekingese dog’s coat short can also reduce the burden of personal hygiene

Also, the hair loss of the Pekingese is seasonal, and should handle the mats of hair tangles gently.

As with all breeds, their nails should trim regularly.

Pekingese temperament

As dogs that have lived in mansions for centuries, Pekingese can independent and quiet, just like the emperors who once owned them.

As a result, training them can sometimes challenge, so Pekingese dog’s owners have to convince their dogs that doing something is actually their idea.

Common health problems

Although Pekingese are a hardy and durable breed.

There are some health conditions and issues associated with them, such as a short head of a dog that causes breathing problems (and snoring).

Because the Pekingese dog does not have a long muzzle, there is no natural barrier to protect their round and bulging eyes, so they are prone to eye problems such as corneal abrasions.

It also associates the breed with some minor health issues that revolve around food allergies and back problems.

And an excessive amount of wrinkles on its face can cause problems with dermatitis and other infections, so keep the folds must always be clean and dry.

Brussels Griffon Breed

Brussels Griffon Breed

The Griffon is a small, entertaining dog with a lively mind, it carefully watches what is happening around it and thanks to its vigilance it is unlikely to pass it unnoticed.

“Brussels” has the shape of a nose and a mustache, thanks to which the muzzle of dogs looks like a monkey.

But these little dogs, despite their decor and original appearance, it’s not spoiled creatures, they are actually strong, charismatic dogs with strong bones.

Breed diseases

Griffons are attractive, attractive, and they have a fairly strong immunity.

It is resistant to cold and viral diseases. However, these pets can also become ill, often with the following pathological conditions:

  • Complicated childbirth.
  • Eye diseases
  • Deformation of eyelashes.
  • Loss of eyes from the orbit.
  • Development of cataracts.
  • Abnormalities in the respiratory tract – individuals are often found with a sloping or narrow nose.

When buying a puppy, if you are future owner we advised you to make sure that the child does not inherit inherited diseases.

We usually detect their presence before 3 months of age



The Chihuahua dog is one of the smallest types of dogs found in the world.

However, despite his small size and innocent appearance.

He has high self-confidence and a bold character, as he loves to receive constant attention and affection, and in return he will give his full devotion to his owner.

The behavior and personality of the Chihuahua dog

Chihuahua dogs cannot quickly get along with strangers, and they prefer to accompany one person.

She gives him her complete devotion, and she cannot interact well with the children in the family, but some of her receive right training.

You may be eligible to deal with them.

Chihuahuas have an intelligent mindset.

Make her able to learn different commands, and absorb all the exercises, and she also has a compassionate nature towards her breeder.

And because of the history of Chihuahua dogs that settled in burrows below the ground.

She gained that strain specific behavioral features make them prefer to do the drilling at bedtime, either on clothes or over sofas.

Therefore, the educator should be careful before sitting.

Chihuahua’s health problems

One disease that the Chihuahua dog breed is most likely to suffer from.

  • Low blood sugar level.
  • Tracheal collapse.
  • Dislocated kneecap injury.
  • Hydrocephalus.

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Dachshund Dog Breed

Dachshund Dog Breed

The Dachshund is a burrowing hunter, and it relates its appearance to this destination.

Male growth ranges from 20 to 25 cm, and the maximum weight is 9 kg.

The nature and characteristics of socialization

According to his type of temperament, the Dachshund is a distinctly optimistic person.

She is very curious, and she is once again connect with hunting.

without being used to being interested in what is happening around her, the animal cannot be a successful hunter.

The dachshund reacts to any, even minor noise.

If there is a fee in the house, you will be the first to find out all the news – who came, what she bought, and what the cat got.

How to care for a dachshund

Dachshunds are very unpretentious in care, but that does not mean that they do not need care at all.

The activity of these dogs involves regular long periods – with games and exercises.

On the street, they are passionate about studying every bush and blade of lawn and pebble.

They cannot pass, because their instincts are higher.

Therefore, you should not rush your pet or try to interrupt the process.

Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed

Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed

This is one of the favorite small dogs for home rearing for many, as it has wonderful qualities that combine domestic dogs and hunting dogs

Cocker Spaniel Dog breed has great specifications.

It distinguished by its beautiful and long fur, hanging ears and the distinctive head shape.

It also characterized by the extreme loyalty of its owners and its ability to play, stalking and hunting.

The weight of an adult dog ranges from 13.5-14, 5 kg;
Male height – 39-41 cm at the withers.
Female height is about 37-39 cm.

Main character traits

By nature, English Cockers are playful, responsive and lively. These pets are very sociable, loyal, and their best condition is to be closer to the owner.

Thanks to their kind and also friendly nature, they are ideal for families with young children, and their struggles are an excellent quality for older children.

But a Coker can be a splendid companion for a lonely elderly person.

No matter how many members there are in the family, only one person will be very close to a bang game.

Pomeranian Dog Breed

Pomeranian Dog Breed

Pomeranian dog has vitality and beauty, as its breeders love to play with him a lot,.

And they wish to spend more time with the Pomeranian dog because it is energetic and fun and has higher activity.

But it also needs full care from you because it is a small dog.

Specifications of Pomeranian dogs

A small long-haired dog breed, we also call it an owl, and it traces its origin to Germany, especially Poland.

His personality is likable and friendly, and he may be stubborn or bossy if you do not train him well, but you have to train him from a young age.

It weighs 3 kilograms and is up to 17.5 cm long, and its fur is supplied and somewhat long, and it has various colors, including red, orange, shaded gray, black, brown, and blue.

One of the most loyal dogs to their owners and it can be a wonderful and distinguished guard dog.

He will be your best companion ever, but if you have little children, he will not be safe on them.

They get along well with calm and old kids.

He is a naughty dog, so his training will be the best thing to be in the house safely, and he is one of the very smart dogs that will not tire him in training at all.

Its average lifespan is from twelve to sixteen years.

Pug Dog Breed

Pug Dog Breed

The Pug can be one of the most polarizing dog breeds.

There are those who believe that they are immeasurably cute, and some people do not persuade the words criticizing them as “ugly”.

But if you’re a fan of the “pug,” you’ll probably find that any breed in the dog world pulls on the heartstrings like this little creature.

If you look at the face of the pug dog, you notice that it is full of expressions when it is happy you will know it immediately from its smile and loving eyes for you.

And if it is sad that it will appear on his face and time you cannot resist him and you will do what he wants.

This breed is so friendly to everyone, children, adults, other animals, or even strangers,  the pug will not hesitate to come close to anyone and play with him immediately.

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It considered as being a companion dog.

For this reason, it is very suited for city and apartment life.

Pugs are great around children but can be strong-willed and therefore difficult to train if you have little experience handling dogs.

Yorkshire Dog Breed

Yorkshire Dog Breed

Yorkies are affectionate dogs towards their owners, but they sometimes have high sensitivity towards strangers, and they bark a lot in their presence.

So if you have owned Yorkshire from a young age, try to train him to reduce and control barking so as not to disturb your neighbors.

The same feeling towards strange dogs, too.

There is a soft side to the Yorkies’ character.

He likes to spend a lot of time with his friends, loves their attention, and wants to attract the attention of those in the house.

It is not from the dogs that can stay alone for long.

The behaviors and character of Yorkshire Terrier

Despite its small size and belonging to the play dogs, but the Yorkshire cannot cope with a boring and quiet life, he is an intelligent dog.

And he enjoys high independence, which makes him a very entertaining dog, and very stubborn. If you want to have a quiet or lazy dog, stay away from Yorkshire.

Yorkies have two personalities that you can easily distinguish between the lovable dog and the mischievous dog.

The likable personality is fun and relaxes more.

Some say that males are better than females to enjoy lying next to you, and that females want more privacy.


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