The Yorkshire Terrier-America’s Spoiled Dog

If you ask anyone in the USA about the most popular domestic dog breeds, they will tell you about the Yorkshire Terrier without a second thought. It is the most popular dog of dog breeds in the USA.

In this article, we will provide you with information about the Yorkshire Terrier, its history of origin, personality features, and ways of caring for it.

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What do you know about the Yorkshire terrier dog breed

Yorkie dog characterized by being small but has an independent, strong and unique personality, it does not differ from giant dogs except in body size.

A naughty dog, but it loved among people. It has won the admiration of many for its dedication and loyalty to its owners, and it has a stylish appearance.

The dog of this breed looks very proud of himself, and why not? It has long silky fur and has a very nice and playful personality.

He is one of the most famous dogs in the world of breeds, and because of his cute and eye-catching appearance, he will attract attention wherever he goes.

Because he is so small, he often travels with his family and companions in dog luggage for small dogs.

Yorkies are wonderful and very affectionate companions, and they also love to pampered and sympathetic to their loved ones.

Yorkies distinguished by loyalty, they are a loyal friend, but sometimes they are not comfortable with strangers, and they will bark loudly when they see them.

So it is important to teach and train them when to stop barking so as not to disturb the neighbors. They can also be very aggressive towards strange dogs.

Despite his bravery, the Yorkshire Terrier also has a soft side. He needs a lot of attention and spends enough time with his family and companions.

It is not in his interest to leave him alone for long hours, as this may cause him to become depressed and he will be sad all the time.

It has charming fur, a brave personality and loyal to its family and owners, so it is not surprising that the Yorkshire is the second most popular dog breed in the United States today.

The history and upbringing of the Yorkshire Terrier

During the Industrial Revolution in England, Scottish workers came to Yorkshire to work in the coal mines and textile mills, and they brought with them a dog known as the Clydesdale Terrier or the Paisley Terrier.

These dogs were much larger than the Yorkshire Terrier we know today, and it is believe their primary job was to catch mice in mills and flour silos.

These small dogs were blue gray with fairly long hair and usually weighed about 4 kilograms.

The Yorkie Terrier was popular with the rich and the nobility, and even people who did not care about them could not deny the beauty of the breed.

In 1861, it showed a Yorkshire Terrier at a bench show as a “Scotch Terrier”.

A dog named Huddersfield Ben, born in 1865, has become a popular show dog and considered the father of the modern Yorkshire Terrier.

They gave this breed this name in the year 1870 because this is where most of its development took place.

In 1880, the Yorkshire Terrier entered America, but the size of this breed differed.

Now the modern Yorkshire Terrier dogs are one of the smallest and most luxurious dog breeds.

Yorkshire Terrier were first registered with the British Kennel Club in 1874. They formed the first Yorkshire Terrier Club in England in 1898.

The size of Yorkies

The Yorkshire Terrier is 27 to 33 centimeters long at the shoulder and weighs between one and a half to three kilograms.

We consider it a small dog in size and is like the Chihuahua dog and the Pomeranian dog in terms of small size.

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The character and features of the Yorkshire Terrier

There are many characteristics that breeders and lovers of Yorkshire dogs talk about, which we will mention to you:

Health problems facing a Yorkie

A Yorkie can suffer from many health problems, like:

Knee dislocation: It is a common problem in small dogs, and this causes leg lameness or an abnormal gait in the dog. The friction caused by a dislocated kneecap can lead to arthritis. Severe degrees of patellar swelling may require surgery.

Progressive retinal atrophy: a degenerative disorder of the eye. It is blindness resulting from the loss of the photoreceptors in the back of the eye.

PSS: This is an abnormal flow of blood between the liver and the body. This is a big problem, because the liver removes toxins from the body. It can cause neurobehavioral abnormalities, lack of appetite, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), intermittent digestive problems, urinary tract problems, and stunted growth. Signs usually appear before two years of age.

Hypoglycemia: Like many dogs, Yorkies can suffer from hypoglycemia when stressed, especially when they are puppies. It causes weakness, confusion, and a wobbly gait. If your dog is prone to this, talk to your veterinarian about prevention and treatment options.

Tracheitis: The trachea which carries air to the lungs becomes inflamed easily. The most common sign of a collapsed trachea is a chronic, dry cough. We can treat it with surgery or diet.

Caring for a Yorkie

Pay attention to the vaccination schedule for dogs and do not be lazy about it, as give worms tablets and insect ampoules.

A Yorkie enjoys walking with you or playing outside, but since they are very active while indoors. It doesn’t take much effort while walking.

Yorkies are receptive to training, especially if it brings them attention to performing gentle tricks or performing in experiences of agility or obedience.

They do not tolerate extreme temperatures or cold, so many people train a Yorkshire so they do not have to take them outside when the weather is hot or cold.

It is very important to brush a Yorkie’s fur, as it has long fur and needs to brush.

Yorkies’ behavior with children and other animals

Because of its size, a Yorkshire will adapt to older children who respect him more than younger children, as they may accidentally harm the dog.

Because of their small size, Yorkies are not suitable for families with young children. So most breeders do not sell puppies to people whose children are under 5 or 6 years old. It is very easy for children to drop them or stand on them.

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As for other animals and regardless of which house they live in. They will get along well with other resident dogs and cats, as long as they have grown up with them.

But they go after strange dogs, even those ten times over them, and protecting them from themselves becomes the job of the people who own Yorkies.

If it brings a new pet into the home, the Yorkie will be jealous of it and may want to challenge the new guest.

And if a fight does, he will fight to the death, so be careful when introducing your Yorkie to a new animal.

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