Top 9 Hunting Dogs In The World

We offer for you the best hunting dogs for you If you love and enjoy the sport of hunting, you can enjoy having a dog next to you in your hunting.

As humans and dogs have been hunting together since the beginning of dog breeding, long since the age of agriculture.

The relationship between humans and dogs has also developed dramatically. Hunting was an integral part of the evolution of each type of dog, especially since hunting was necessary for their survival.

Over time, hunting became more than just a sport or entertainment. Since that time, humans have developed dogs into specific breeds with distinct traits of these dogs.

Also, most original hounds today are also part of the sporting dog group or hound group.

We consider the most famous hounds in the world either hunting dogs or shotgun dogs.

Gun dogs are often used to hunt birds (hence also called bird dogs), although they do hunt small prey such as rabbits.

This type of hunting dogs is used to locate the prey and push it to the hunter to shoot it. Then the dog brings the prey that fell to the hunter.

Hounds track the smell of prey through their powerful sense of smell, which makes a lot of noise while running after the prey.

The hunter can follow the prey trail, even if the dog is out of sight. Some hunting dogs that “run” these dogs focus on pushing the French to the prey hunter.

Others are “tree” dogs that chase prey over a tree and wait and look below until the hunters arrive.

There are a few important skills a hound should possess:

  • A powerful predation engine.
  • Get ready for training.
  • Endurance and agility.

There are dozens of dog breeds that considered excellent hunting dogs. But the best depends on preference and excellence in hunting, the skills of individual dogs, and the basis of training.

The strong hound need not be a purebred dog. As there are a lot of mixed breed dogs that make excellent hunting dogs.

The most important information about hunting dog

  • The most prominent characteristic of hunting dogs:  Powerful sense of smell, which enables it to track the smell of prey from tens of meters away, and it has a very intelligent mind, and it responds quickly to its breeder.
  • Hunting dogs distinguished by their great courage, which makes them not afraid of confrontation, just as those breeds of dogs. Whenever she undergoes the training, and it provides special care for her. Whenever she can perform hunting distinctively.
  • Thousands of years ago, individuals relied on dogs. As an auxiliary component of the fishing process. Depending on where they live, there are certain types of dogs. They have trained to hunt fish, and other species have trained to hunt marine animals, and they have trained others to hunt animals that live in the wild.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular Venetian dogs in the world. This enthusiastic, energetic and loyal dog can tolerate cold temperatures and can swim easily in cold water.

We often consider Labrador Retrievers the best for duck hunting. And when there is no hunting, the Labrador Retriever makes an excellent companion and a wonderful family dog.

In fact, Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular hunting dog breeds in the world today.

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2. Golden retriever

Golden retriever

Similar to the Labrador, Golden Retriever are excellent shotgun dogs for hunting birds and other small prey. They are also enthusiastic, loyal, and able to train.

They also make great family companions and have a reputation for engaging with children.

3. Beagle dogs

Beagle dogs

The beagle is a hunting dog that has a powerful sense of smell and has a loud voice. We primarily use this breed for hunting young prey, especially rabbits. The beagle is also an excellent companion for many families.

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4. American Foxhound

American Foxhound

American Foxhound are fully-fledged hunting dogs. This hound thrives on the chase.

It originated from English Fox Hound dogs, and this breed was first used to hunt foxes. And now this breed used in hunting deer.

We still know them as premium foxes and deer hunters, but there are some legal restrictions with these types of hunting, depending on your location.

5. Springer dogs

Springer dogs

Springer Espanol is an excellent hunting dog for hunting birds, especially at repelling and tracking flocks of birds.

They have exploration and search skills that match the Labrador and Goldfish. Its small size also helps it to move around in smaller areas and enables it to chase easily.

The Springer Espanol is also an excellent family dog.

6. Pointer dogs

Pointer dogs

Pointer dogs is a bird dog that distinguished by a high predation drive and courageous personality. As a Pointer dog will pursue prey, like quail hard.

Also, this strain can withstand very high temperatures, and thus is suitable for the hot south. Whether on the hunt or on the couch, the bunter is an excellent companion.

7. Chesapeake Bay Retriever dogs

Chesapeake Bay Retriever dogs

The Chesapeake dog is an assertive and athletic rifle dog. This breed is smart and devotes its time and energy to its owner.

It adapts to cold water and low temperatures. But this breed isn’t necessarily everyone’s best friend.

They are also fiercely loyal to their family and make an excellent companion for active families.

8. English Setter Dog

English Setter Dog

The English Setter Dog is a shotgun dog known for its punter, running and hunting skills. We can train them in exploration, which makes them excellent at hunting birds.
As the Setter dog rose in popularity as one of the best hunting dogs in the world, they divided it into two categories: the show dog and the field dog. Field dogs are smaller, lighter and faster, which makes them the best hunting dogs.
Display dogs are more suitable for show dogs and pets because of their large and long hair.

9. Irish Setter dog

Irish Setter dog

The Irish Setter Dog is a shotgun dog known for its beautiful red coat and exquisitely beautiful agility.
Like the English Seater, we can divide the breed into high-grade dogs and field dogs. Irish Sitter Dogs are stronger than they seem.
Where this breed is rugged and assertive, it works hard and determined to go after birds.
Irish Sitter dogs also make friendly friendships for many families.


If you have a hound, remember that the hunting season is only for part of the year. Your hound will also be your companion and needs good care.

Whereas, dogs are social animals that will not thrive if they forced to spend most of their time without attention and care or separated from humans and other dogs.

Hounds need to provide time for training and care throughout the year.

The closer he gets to your dog, the better hunting partner will be. Be aware that laws regarding hunting with dogs vary by region. Some areas prohibit hunting certain prey with hounds.

Make sure you know the law and have the licenses and permits before hunting with or without your hound.

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