Train Dog to Bring Stuff

Train Dog to Bring Stuff from the very fun games in which there is a kind of excitement. Training is by throwing a ball or any other game and having the dog chase it and then bring it to you.

Many people think this toy is something that dogs naturally do. However, most dogs need to know how to do it, or at least part of it. Fortunately, training dogs to fetch and fetch stuff is simple.

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Train Dog to Bring Stuff: Start with a sit command

Start with a sit command

Before you do anything, make sure your dog knows how to sit well. All fetch games with dogs should begin with a seated request.

But make sure your dog is sitting quietly next to you before moving on to the next step. This ensures that once the dog understands the rules of the game, he will not jump on you to get the ball before you throw the ball.

Send the dog abroad

Once you teach the dog to sit, throw the ball, tell the dog to “pick it up.” Start by throwing the ball a short distance. Most dogs will chase and collect the ball. If so, you are done with this part of the training.

If fetch training isn’t natural, you may have to work on training your dog to play first. You can start by giving your dog a reward or praise. Then, slowly turn towards then catch the ball.

Call the dog to come back

This step is one of the most important parts of training dogs to fetch. It is also the part where most people encounter problems.

If you can’t get the dog to drop the ball, you’re not playing fetch, you are only playing the chase!

The best way to get your dog to come back to you with the ball is to make sure he has a solid understanding of the “Come” command before you begin.

When you are playing fetch, once your dog picks up the ball, tell the dog the command “Come”. Encourage your dog to come back to you by speaking in a cheerful voice, and praise him.

If your dog is having trouble with this step, you may need to reduce the distance we toss the ball. Sometimes, you must start by throwing it a few meters and then accumulate the distance.

And for whom the dog should be able to bring the ball to you before thinking about increasing the distance the next time.

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Train Dog to Bring Stuff: Use the Leave it command

Use the Leave it command

It’s difficult to convince your dog to return the ball to you once he has put it in his mouth. But if you train your dog to “let go” it may be easy (or liberating).

Train your dog on this before you play fetch with your dog and as soon as he gets back to you, give the command “Leave it.” If the dog drops the ball, give him praise and throw the ball again as a reward.

If the dog does not, let go of the ball, then you need to make this training worthy of the dog’s attention through tricks and rewards.

Give the dog a “leave it” command, then show the treat to the dog. The dog will have to leave the ball to receive the reward.

Wait until you have the ball before giving up the reward. Then give your dog a bonus by throwing the ball to continue the game.

Another option is to use two balls in place of rewards. Once the dog returns to you with the first ball, show the other ball you have in your hand.

Many dogs will drop the ball after he sees the second ball. Once your dog drops the ball, throw one in your hand to get it.

This approach doesn’t always work for all dogs, however. Some dogs refuse to let go of the ball that is with them. Here, the method of rewarding the dog may be your best option.

Dog training problems to fetch and fetch stuff

Keep in mind as you go through these steps your dog will probably be happy playing the game of chasing or staying away from fetch.

Do not get involved in a chase game! If your dog is running with the ball, turn your back and start walking. Most dogs will run towards you. If the dog refuses to return the ball end the game.

For dogs who keep running with the ball, try to practice while the dog is on the leash.

Throw the ball a short distance, give the command “Come on” and then stand there and wait for it. Use reward and praise to persuade the dog.

Some dog trainers also use a hidden bonus method inside the ball. To do this, cut a small hole in a ball and insert a treat while the dog observes you.

Your dog will know that the treat is inside the ball and will smell it, but cannot get it on his own. So, when the dog returns the ball to you, you must take the bounty off to the dog.

After only a few throws, your dog will realize that getting the reward, he must return the ball to you and drop it.

If your dog doesn’t understand getting things quickly, give him time. Be patient. If you train a little every day, your dog will eventually find out.

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