Train Dogs Not to Jump Up

Train dogs not to jump up or jump over people is very important training for dogs. Because jumping is a common behavior problem for dogs.

The dog’s excessive enthusiasm might annoy you, attacking you the moment you walk into the door of the house. Dogs may jump over people either as a friendly greeting, or when trying to establish control as well.

Many people think that this act is gentle in small dogs or puppies, but in medium-sized or large dogs, preventing the dog from jumping up or over people can prevent young children, and the elderly, from being hurt or from feeling fear.

Dog hopping can be dangerous for young children, people with physical disabilities, some older adults, and people who would not expect such a greeting from a dog.

The good news is that you can train dogs not to jump up or over people and start greeting everyone politely.

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Why do dogs jump up?

Why do dogs jump up?

There are several opinions about why dogs jump on people; The majority say that we intend these behaviors to dominate and greet. But the dog might jump up and say, “Look at me!”

Unintentionally, you may reward your dog for jumping over by giving him what he wants. As is often the case for children, negative attention may be better than lack of interest. Your dog does not understand that when you pressure him to do an action, or call out loudly, you are trying to punish him.

Your puppy may view your behavior as the goal he pursues: getting your attention. Here, the dog may view any kind of attention and attention that he gets from you or others as a reward.

How to prevent your dog from jumping higher?

Training dogs not to jump over or over people takes patience and perseverance on your part. Be aware that there are actions that you should take and others that you should avoid.

Be steady when you train and prevent the dog from jumping up, and you will get a best friend who keeps his front feet firmly on the ground.

Do not give your dog any attention:

The first part of preventing the dog from jumping up a building is not to give the dog any attention.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Once your dog jumps up, turn your back. Put your arms on your chest and do not make any sound. If the dog is running to jump again, change direction to the other side. Wait for the dog to stop jumping.
  2. There is another way to distance yourself completely. If your dog jumps when you enter the house, turn around and back outside. If the dog jumps while you are inside, get out of the room. And wait a minute; Then go back to the room again. Repeat until your dog is calm.

Reward your dog for friendly behavior:

When you are working on training dogs not to jump off unwanted, having some foods on hand can help.

Once the dog is standing in front of you on all four legs firmly on the ground, throw it. Praise your dog, too.

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Train dogs not to jump up: Training improves your dog

Train dogs not to jump up: Training improves your dog

Training makes the dog better if you can set up some positions to train the dog not to jump up.

For example, if jumping occurs most often when you get home from work, spend a few minutes several times a day going in and out.

Don’t make your dog a big fuss and backtrack outside if he jumps. Offer a reward any time all four legs are on the ground.

Give the dog a sit order:

Once the dog can keep all four legs on the ground for a few seconds or more, then instruct the dog to sit down. Walk into a room or through the front door and give the command “Sit.”

Once the dog is seated, offer him a treat. As the practice of training the dog not to jump several times.

With a lot of repetition, your dog will sit by simply walking toward the door or entering the room.

Training dogs not to jump with other people:

It is not enough to just train the dog with you. You should also include friends and family in this training.

Otherwise, your dog may learn that it is not right to jump on you only, but jumping on anyone else is acceptable and may consider it a normal game.

As other people aiding in this training teach your dog to keep all four legs on the ground regardless of who comes into the room.

What not to do?

You may have heard of dog training methods not to jump. We may see it as violence and cruelty towards dogs.

One of these methods is to hit the dog with the knee in the chest. The other is to use leash correction – pulling or raising the leash – to keep the dog away from you.

There are several problems with these methods:

  • If you hit the dog in the chest hard, or you pulled the leash too hard or incorrectly, the dog could be seriously injured.
  • When you use a knee to the chest, your dog may fall down, but the dog may interpret this as your way of playing. And the dog’s response will probably be to jump again to continue the game because you have already reinforced the behavior you are trying to stop.
  • A dog may only learn not to jump when he’s strapped. Since most dogs are not strapped 24/7.

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