Why Does my Dogs ​​Sleep so Much?

Dogs ​​Sleep: It is normal for dogs to sleep through the night, but there are many dogs who spend most of the day sleeping.

While we accustom us humans to ​​sleeping when the is dark at night, so we find it strange that our Dogs ​​Sleep during the day. Why do dogs sleep so much?

Why do Dogs ​​Sleep so much?

According to the words of experts and specialists in dog breeding, it is normal for dogs to spend about 50% of the day sleeping.

And another 30% of the day on “rest”, while dogs are active about 20% of the day. This is normal for carnivores, as Lions also spend 18 hours or more per day sleeping and resting!

Most dogs ​​sleep when there is nothing favorite to do.

This is because they don’t have as much entertainment as we humans, so sleep is usually the best way to spend long, boring hours.

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The amount of sleep a dog spends depends on

The amount of sleep a dog spends depends on

  • Older dogs are likely to spend the most of their time sleeping.
  • Sick and overweight Dogs ​​Sleep more than healthy dogs.
  • The breeds: some breeds like to sleep a lot.

Of course, your dog sleeping too much can be a sign of a problem. Many diseases and age-related problems can come with a change in sleep patterns. In most cases, a dog who sleeps 12 hours or more a day is normal and not a cause for concern.

But dog owners should know excessive sleep can also be a sign of potential problems, and it is best to speak to your vet when you have these concerns.

How to make your dog’s day more exciting?

Since most dogs do not have a means of entertainment, dogs are likely to get bored especially when they are alone all day.

Therefore, most dogs resort to sleep to spend their day and get rid of this boredom. The best way to help your dog stay awake and active during the day is to use puzzle games.

From very easy (rolling a toy inside a hoop, ring, or egg carton) to high-tech (smart pet games), puzzle games help keep your dog active throughout the day.

But the dog’s owner must monitor him using a camera to verify whether the dog responds to these games or ignores them.

You can also add excitement to the dog’s day by practicing walking during the day and exercising for a longer period in the morning and evening.

If you notice that the dog sleeps even when he does something favorite and loves him, in this case you must consult a veterinarian to examine the dog because this may be a sign of a specific disease or defect in the dog.

Does my dog ​​sleep a lot and when should I get help?

It is normal for a dog to spend most of his day sleeping or resting. But too much sleep could also be a sign of problems with your dog’s health.

How many hours should my dog sleep normally?

A healthy dog has a normal sleep time that varies according to his age. They can sleep up to 18 hours or a little more if it’s a puppy or an old dog.

This means that if your dog is within 3 months of age or older than 7 years, it is normal for them to sleep for up to about 20 hours spread between night and day.

Now, if your dog is in the adult or young stage, it is normal for him to sleep an average of 14 to 15 hours, 10 to 11 correspond to his bedtime at night, and the rest distributed in an off-nap throughout the day.

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My dog ​​is shivering when he sleeps, why?

Your dog freaks when he sleeps for some natural impulse, and sometimes he does so because he dreams that he is walking or running. Cold is also a natural reason to act.

Here, you must protect his bed so that direct air stream does not enter. Turn on the heating or put a plastic bottle with hot water under his bed, wrapped in newspaper.

Now, if your dog shivers too loudly, he feels stiff and does not react and may have a seizure. In this case, take him to the vet immediately.

Signs that your dog is sleeping too much:

Signs that your dog is sleeping too much:

  1. Your dog’s sleep patterns have changed.
  2. A dog sleeps even when there is “a favorite thing to do,” especially if this usually attracts the dog’s attention.
  3. Your dog prefers to sleep over, eat or drink.
  4. You find it difficult to wake the dog in the morning
  5. The dog suddenly sleeps even in the middle of playing.
  6. The dog wakes up suddenly or in a state of fear and tension.
  7. Increased sleep also comes with other physical symptoms, like:
    • Claudication.
    • Not wanting to walk, run, or jump.
    • An increase or decrease in eating, urinating, or defecation.
  8. Also, increased sleep comes with other behavioral problems, like:
    • The dog stares at corners and walls.
    • Increased aggression or fear.
    • Drooling and other signs of anxiety.

These signs are likely not to be frightening, especially if your dog is getting old, or if your dog is primarily the lazy type. But never mind asking your vet about that.

The vet will have a lot of questions, and he may need to run some tests and checks on the dog to find out the cause of the problem and start treatment.

It is possible that dogs who sleep long periods suffer from hypothyroidism, back pain, diabetes, anxiety, or many other serious diseases.

And finally, getting a comprehensive examination from the veterinarian is the only way to find out the true cause of the problem.

Try to monitor your dog’s sleep patterns and other symptoms. Also, make sure that your dog weighed and that the dog has a lot of things he loves and enjoys during the day.

If your dog is still sleeping unusually large periods, it may be time to go to see the vet.

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