Wonderful Information About Raising a Pug Dog

The pug dog is a cheerful dog, with a round head with many wrinkles, and the pug dog distinguished by a short nose, and the pug dog has a slightly full and strong body, and it has a twisted up tail, and the pug dog weighs between 6-8 kg.

This wonderful little dog is attractive, fun and full of activity and vitality This makes it a suitable companion for many families.

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How to care for a pug?

The pug dog is a cheerful dog that often responds well to training, especially as it is motivate and rewarded by food, so you can teach your pug basic commands and rules.

You must make sure that the pug understands these commands, so you use them when dealing with him.

The Pug dog is a stubborn dog, so an untrained Pug can be difficult to deal with sometimes, such as trimming the dog’s nails, or drawing his attention when he upset.

Also, he has a lot of energy and needs some amount of moderate exercise, and it should be to make sure not to over-exercise a pigeon, especially in warmer weather.

The short nose of this breed of dogs makes it difficult for him to cool off during gasping. And the pug suffers fatigue and heat stroke even in cold, low temperatures.

The pug dog has a coat of short, soft hair, and the basic hygiene routine for this breed is sufficient during care of him.

More attention should pay to the folds of the face so they are clean to prevent infection.

Frequent bathing may recommended if your Pug has allergies or any other problems in skin, and nails should trim regularly to keep them short.

History of the Pug breed

History of the Pug breed

There is a lot of controversy about the true origins of the Pug dog. But some believed that the Pug breed originally came from China, and the Pug may relate to the Pekingese, which is a genus of small dogs.

Although some believe that the Pug breed descended from the Bulldogs or Huge Mastiffs.

With passaging time, the pug dog became a popular dog among the kings of Europe, and Napoleon’s wife Josephine had a pug that carried secret messages to Napoleon in prison.

The pug and brought to England after the British invaded the Chinese imperial palace in 1860, and it was The pug was first registered internationally in 1885 and has continued to gain popularity.

The description of the breeds :

The pug dog has a small, plump body with some wrinkles, short legs, has a short and polished coat in a variety of colors, such as black, silver and apricot.

It has enormous eyes, small, thin and velvety ears, a thick and strong neck, a wide chest and a short body.

The pug has a distinctive black muzzle color. A typical pug weighs around 14 to 18 lbs.

Height and Weight:

Height: Males average 12-14 inches (30-36 cm), while females average 10-12 inches (25-30 cm).

Weight: Males average 13-20 pounds (6-9 kg), while females average 13-18 pounds (6-8 kg).

Life expectancy:

Pugs have a life expectancy of around 12 to 15 years.

Living conditions:

Pig are good for living in apartments, as they are relatively inactive indoors. He cannot tolerate hot or cold weather, and we must keep him indoors at an appropriate temperature.

Physical characteristics:

The Pug Dog is an attentive and gentle dog, and it is a distinctive dog with the characteristics of a small square size.

The Pug has black marks on the muzzle, ears, cheeks and forehead, and he characterized by deep and large wrinkles.

The mood:

The pug is a playful, confident, and friendly companion, who combines great comedy with dignity. He is usually gentle, but can be stubborn. We know him to be born with fun.

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What are the health problems facing the Pug dog?

What are the health problems facing the Pug dog?

The breeders responsible for the pigeon seek to maintain this breed at the highest level, and the pigeon that raised at a high level is less likely to inherit poor health conditions.

However, some hereditary health problems can occur in this breed, and the following are some diseases that exposed Her pug which you should know:

  • Short head syndrome.
  • Allergies and other skin problems.
  • Eyelid turning inward.
  • Corneal ulcers.
  • Granular meningeal encephalitis.

Caring for a pug

Pugs like many breeds that can develop some health problems, so they should maintain their diet and avoid the Fats in their meals so they live longer.

We can keep a pug in a cool place in hot weather, with nails trimmed, teaching it to brush your dog’s teeth, offering him slick bones, or other practices such as chewing toys that help remove tartar.

Behaviors and temperament of Pug dog

Behaviors and temperament of Pug dog

The reason for your attraction to the pug or thinking about having it is his fun and comedic look.

But soon you discover that he also has a very charming personality, he is a clown in the word’s sense.

And is fun for any dog ​​breeder, he can wear any form of clothes and make everyone laugh, and he has the huge ability to keep his dignity while everyone laughs.

Pugs respond well to training, but they may also train you to conform to their corrupt desires. They love food a lot, and you will need significant resistance from you to stop their desire to eat some of your sweets, which may be harmful to them.

Pugs have a poor reputation for toilet training outside the home or in the designated space. But if you can learn their own body language and know when they want to go out, it will definitely be easier.

Despite all this fun, you should be careful, especially if you are raising dogs for the first time, there is no perfect dog, especially in small breeds.

It is possible that he develops some inappropriate behaviors if you neglect them will turn into habits.

With a lack of training or boredom or leaving him alone, he may develop bad habits like barking, digging, and stealing food.

Who would like to own a Pug Dog?

The Pug dog is a small dog with a large attractive personality, so the Pug is an ideal breed for those who want to accompany a full but energetic dog.

The behavior of this dog breed makes it an excellent choice for all families with children, and as with many dogs. If you think The Pug dog is one of the good breeds that you can own.

So will do a lot of research before you gain one of these pug breeds.

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